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"I Went To A Sound Bath To Cure My Tinnitus"

Posted: February 27th, 2014, 11:27 am
by MikeQuell
Vice has an interesting article up about one of their reporters going to a "sound bath" to try and cure his tinnitus. He goes through all the treatments and in the end it seems like it doesn't have much an affect. It does however sound like it might make him a better listener. Has anyone here ever been to a "sound bath?" It sounds pretty epic. Haha.
Fabio uses a combination of sounds (mostly derived from nature, which of course is the most soothing and easy to digest for most people) swathes of wistful atmospherics (which he has composed himself), and delicate chimes to create layers of sound which draw you in. The more you focus on his compositions, the more you can hear and the more you drift away into your own subconscious. Occasionally, Fabio and his assistant would walk around the room and give each person in the class their own chime; the point blank vibrations went right through me and helped to make the experience all the more lucid.
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