Undertone Sound Libray - New - Young Forest in Spring

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Undertone Sound Libray - New - Young Forest in Spring

Post by undertone » August 14th, 2015, 10:15 am

http://undertonesoundlibrary.com/produc ... in-spring/

We recorded twice at this forest in the dead of winter — Winter Forest – for an animated film, so I became interested in what this place sounds like in the early early spring. Like with the winter recordings, I wanted a sparse backdrop for laying other “life” against. One Sunday we trekked out on a cool sunny day that had it occasional gusts and breezes. We found the area of the forest reserve where the trees were young and just beginning to bud. There is some branch movement, but very little to no leaf sound and sparse bird life. This library has provided a good basic canvas for outdoor scenes when we just need “air”.

Towards the end of this excursion we found a pond with some young spring frogs chirping like crazy.

While there are only 10 ambient recordings, they are long (over 9 minutes) and a total running time of about an hour. As most of you know, recording nature sounds is precarious…that day was no exception : it was the first nice day of Spring and it was Sunday and the ATV’s were out. As a bonus, we’ve included several recordings of these ATV’s pulling up within about 100 yards of me, revving, driving, and then driving off into the distance. You’ll also hear some woops and shouts. If you need some ATV’s in a forest setting, then 2 of these files could be just the ticket. We also included some distant train sounds as well.

Because of the small and sparse nature of this library, we’ve priced it accordingly.

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Recorder used: Sound Devices 744T
Format: 24/96kHz Double-ORTF (QUAD)
Mics used:
• 4 x Schoeps CMC6|MK4

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